Why hire a courier?

Hey everyone!

Xylia here, dispatcher and assistant admin at Custom Courier Service!

Today I am gonna talk about what a courier service is, what we do, and why individuals and corporations might hire courier services!

First and foremost, what is a courier service? I think a lot of people know the general idea: we deliver things. But one major question I am asked ALL THE TIME when I tell people I am a courier is, "What do you deliver?"

The answer is simple. Basically ANYTHING. Yes, that's right. We essentially can deliver all kinds of things ranging simply from paperwork or small packages to enormous loads of stuff, entire pallets of car parts, 20 cases of wine, bicycles, furniture... you name it!

We just need to know what size your delivery is and that is ready to go when our driver gets there. This is important. One thing that a courier is NOT is a packaging or shipping company. If you need your items to be boxed up, labeled and sent somewhere—that's outside of our job description. However, if you have boxes that are pre-labelled and paid for, we can deliver them to a UPS or FedEx or other shipping company.

There are so many services that we can offer, even we don't know them all! The services we offer are customized to each customer's needs. So if you need something picked up from one location and taken to 10 other locations around town the same day... we can do that. We can even go to a store and pickup your order and bring it to you, as long as our company is listed as an approved pickup person for your order!

So now that you know what a courier service is...

Let's talk about why you might hire a courier service.

For the most part, individuals and corporations tend to hire couriers for the same reasons.

It's fast and it's easy.

Why ship something across town when you can have a driver deliver it the same day? Shipping might be a little cheaper sometimes, depending on the item, but it's going to take 2 or 3 or 4 days for those cheaper prices. If you want overnight shipping, suddenly those prices skyrocket and a courier service might actually be cheaper too! And sure, you could go load your packages into the car and drive them across town yourself, or have an employee spend the time doing this. But hiring a courier service is EASY. You tell us exactly what you want done, and we send a driver with those instructions. You barely have to lift a finger except to call or email us!

There are a couple different reasons why a corporation might hire us that an individual person might not.

  1. Companies sometimes have many offices in the same city. One of the main services that corporations will use a courier service for is inter-office mail services. It makes it especially easy to create a route that a driver will run every day, to each of your offices, picking up and delivering items to each location on the route. It's a fast and easy way to get all your mail/packages delivered from locations all over town!

  2. Companies also sometimes have tight deadlines for documents or packages. We offer RUSH services which means that you can call us with urgent deadlines and still trust that they will be picked up and delivered with lightning speed!

Think our services sound easy and reliable and fast? It's because they ARE!

We offer so so so many services from 1 hour RUSH delivery services to same-day in town delivery, to across state and anywhere in the pacific northwest! We offer routed services for customers whether you are a business or not.

We offer discounts to weekly and routed customers. We offer better price per mile for long distance deliveries.

There are just so many reasons to use our service....

Why haven't you called already!?

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